There is something almost unnervingly voyeuristic about Zeitheist, a Twitter-based game that asks you to predict the most recent trends within the system. Though the developers have been careful to omit the account names, it is still a panoply of personal lives being displayed to a random stranger. From time to time, arguments and accusations slip into the stream, an aching reminder that life could definitely be better for some.

At first glance, the concept behind Zeitheist seems easy enough. The system randomly generates a certain number for you to fulfill. You are then told to input five random words in an attempt to see whether they will, cumulatively speaking, reach the target that had been assigned to you. It's definitely easier said than done. I immediately resorted to the most obvious words and ended up watching as I overshot my goal by about hundred.

Zeitheist is, for the most part, free to play - you're restricted to 10 free games in an hour. For the most part, I'm still somewhat divided about my opinion of this. However, it's definitely worth at least a round or two simply for the experience Go here to play.