Submissions have opened for the Indie Showcase at the Develop Expo this July. Indie developers can now enter their games in the hope of being selected to showcase their game to attendees at the conference, and receive a great deal of publicity.

Ten independently-developed games will be chosen to take part in the event from 20-21 July at the Develop Expo in Brighton, UK. To enter, you need to have a team smaller than 15 people, and a development budget of less than £1 million. The terms also say "It's essential the game has been created in the 'indie spirit'" which, let's be fair, is a little vague, but we all know what they mean.

The Showcase will compliment the Indie Dev Day on the 21 July, a day-long conference of half-hour sessions that have been designed specifically for established independent studios, new start-ups, developers teetering on the brink of becoming an indie, freelance developers and students.

If you're planning to submit your game, check out the official Develop Expo site for all the details.