Life Fortress Volcabamba is a horizontal-scrolling shooter which mimics the style of classic MSX games, created using a rather popular programming language in Japan called Hot Soup Processor (HSP). There are no power-up items or options to collect here, although you can change the direction of your shots using one of the two switching methods available for selection at the start of the game. Players can choose to set the direction of their shots by pressing the fire button and a cursor key at the same time, or have their shots rotated clockwise whenever the X key is pressed.

The game features six stages to play through (the final stage is only accessible after you've collected all of the green-coloured volca stones), but chances are that very few people have the necessary skills to beat the entire thing without turning Japanese first. Fortunately for us there's a recording of a complete playthrough for Life Fortress Volcabamba on Nico Nico video, which had also been kindly mirrored on YouTube by Trilobyte.

Perhaps if this game was made and released on an actual MSX console twenty-five years earlier, it could have turned out to be a cult favorite among fans of classic console shmups. Life Fortress Volcabamba is available to download from here, although you'll need to find a missing msvcr71.dll file online and place it in the folder with the unzipped content before the game will run properly. Windows only. (source: Doujin Game Pick)