After we had 1916 - The War You Never Knew featured on our site recently, a commentor named Bastian came by to remind us that were plenty of other games from this year's DADIU to investigate. Naturally, we did and we found Blendimals, a quirky little puzzle-platformer, amongst the titles created this year.

The premise here is pretty simple. In order to reach your goal, you will have to casually fling helpless animals into a giant blender, hit high, and make use of the chimera that emerges from the whirlwind of parts. It sounds silly and really, it is - the visuals remind me a lot of Neighbours from Hell, for some reason. Nonetheless, it's surprisingly entertaining to have your rabbit/rhino hybrid stampede through the levels and a little trickier than I expected. The one bone I had to pick with Blendimals is the fact that there's no way to have your creature turn until it has hit an impenetrable obstacle of some variety.

Editor's note: Updated to include direct link.

Download it here.