Grief is a puzzle platformer that features twenty levels to play through, where the gimmick revolves around using special platforms to switch between light and dark worlds. The objective of the game is basically to collect the teddy bear found in every stage before guiding the young girl to the exit, although you can still complete the game without retrieving all of her lost toys.

The area layout will change slightly whenever you switch between the two worlds, and you'll either be able to jump higher or crawl under tight spaces depending on the current state of the level as well. Later on there will be boxes to push, ghosts to avoid and black orbs with special properties to gather.

Before you proceed to play Grief, it should be noted that the developers have purposely left out a progress save feature from their game. Be prepared to spend at least an hour or two beating all of the levels, since you'll have to start all over again from the first area if you quit halfway through.

You can download Grief from either GameJolt or YoYo Games.