By the Power of Money is a 2D platformer that encourages players to rebuild a stage as they play, buying and laying blocks with unique properties while trying to keep their spending budget under control. You start a level with 5000 credits in hand, and a certain amount is subtracted from that total whenever you decide to place a block in an empty area. Players are not allowed to replace existing tiles with one from their inventory, and you are always expected to beat a stage using just the five types of blocks available for that level.

The brown blocks are standard tiles that can be used to create platforms or bridges, and there are slightly cheaper versions of them in two other colours. Only one green block can be placed on the screen at any time, and the white blocks with numbers on them indicates how long they will stay around before vanishing into thin air. Purple blocks will start to move in the direction of their arrows when used, and the orange ones change direction whenever they bump into something.

Players who do well can earn up to five stars per stage, although getting a perfect completion doesn't really reward you with anything else other than the satisfaction of a personal achievement.

You can download Money by clicking here.