Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Gamasutra: Secrets To Kickstarter Success
"As part of a new Gamasutra feature on crowdfunding, Robert Boyd (Zeboyd Games, Cthulhu Saves the World) explains how his company blasted through its funding goal on Kickstarter."

Puppyblog: Revenge of the Source Code
"Finally as promised, you can take a look at the source code to Revenge of the Titans here. Inside the zip file you will find a src folder containing all the Java and XML source code, a docs folder containing some licenses, and a libs folder containing the Java dependencies for the project."

GameSetWatch: GDC Vault Adds Free 'GDC 25' Videos From McGonigal, Schatz, Siegel
"The GDC Vault service has debuted free video talks from Game Developers Conference 2011's Summits, including Jane McGonigal on 'no stinkin' badges', Monaco's Andy Schatz on winning the IGF, and Playdom's Scott Jon Siegel on making City Of Wonder."

GameSetWatch: Sword & Sworcery EP Trailer Released With iPhone Launch
"To commemorate the release of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP to iPhone and iPod Touch (and the universal update for iPad owners, allowing you to play your copy on the smaller devices for free!), the Toronto indies behind the the critically acclaimed adventure game have released this new trailer."

DIYgamer: Serious Sam: Double D from Mommy's Best Games
"I was able to meet with Nathan Fouts from Mommy's Best Games who showed off the gruesome and intense 2D action of Serious Sam: Double D. Being able to run with his own ideas and twists on the Serious Sam IP, he was happy to add a female version of the headless Kamikaze, presumably for gender equality."

GDC Vault: How to Win the IGF in 15 Weeks or Less (video)
"Monaco was entered into the IGF after 6 weeks of work by only one person. It became a finalist in the Grand Prize and Excellence in Design after 11 weeks of work. And it won both after 15 weeks. In this talk, one-man-team Andy Schatz will show how design-by-brownian-motion can not only lead to a better finished product, but a faster schedule as well."

Bonus Round: Indie Game Revolution, part 3 (video)
"Jonathan Blow, Chris Hecker and Markus Persson talked to us about what it really means to be an independent video game developer in today's world, whether certain genres lend themselves better to the indie-game scene, and what ways does the mainstream game industry support indie designers."