Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Monaco: Character Designs
"Originally, Monaco had just four characters. Each character had the same abilities as everyone else, but each had a specialty, meaning they could interact with one class of object faster than everyone else."

GameSetWatch: Polytron Corporation's Phil Fish on Fez Design and the Misuse of 3D
"John Polson speaks with Phil Fish about design inspirations, the plight for more 3D games that explore the third dimension, Fez's premises, and the newest mechanic revealed in the latest trailer: the black holes."

Gamasutra: Moonshot Games on Fallen Frontier, Moving from AAA to Indie
"After moving from Bungie into indie development, Moonshot Games' managing director Michel Bastien talks about the concept of Fallen Frontier, the formation of the indie studio, and the team members' new lives as indies."

GameSetWatch: Final Form On Jamestown's Origins, Mechanics
"In this interview, John Polson spoke with Final Form Games about their upcoming shoot 'em up Jamestown. The developers shared their backgrounds and influences briefly and explained the game's inner workings and their design decisions during an exclusive, live demo on the GDC floor."

Bytejacker: Machine Gun President Kills Zombies (video)
"Check out Tempura of the Dead, an Xbox Live Indie about a machine gun-toting president and a samurai destroying the zombie uprising. It's a retro-styled, tongue-in-cheek, zombie destroying platformer for XBLIG. It's $3 worth of amazing."

Team Meat: Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition is out
"The physical retail edition of Super Meat Boy (Ultra Edition) is now on sale on, and it also should be out in Walmart by the weekend. The Ultra Edition includes a 40-page booklet, mini-poster by Dave Rapoza, the Alien Hominid unlockable character, the digital soundtrack, and the Warp Zone art collection."

Indie Games Searchlight: VVVVVV (video)
"If you've never heard of VVVVVV or never played it, then you're in for a fantastic ride. Basically our hero Captain Viridian, that's you, and his crew are flying through the cosmos when they suddenly hit interference. Chaos sends them into a frenzy and the crew are all separated in a flash."

Basilisk Games: Projects Update
"We are working hard to finish Eschalon: Book III. You may also have heard rumors that we have been working on a sci-fi based RPG for quite some time, and that is true, though we are not prepared just yet to say that is what's coming next."