Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Quote Unquote: Interview with Matthew Annal
"Matthew Annal is one of two founders of the popular browser game studio, Nitrome. Nitrome have gained a reputation for churning out quality flash games with colourful 16-bit era pixel art, dating back to when browser gaming websites were chock full of heartless clones and poor quality mini-games."

Gamasutra: Portal 2 ARG Introduces New Themed Content In Indie Game Updates
"A number of well-known indie games have been adding playable and decorative content themed around next week's release of Portal 2 as part of a promotional alternate-reality game surrounding the title."

DIYgamer: Ska Studios Pay As You Like Music Special Now, Dev Talks Dishwasher
"With Dishwasher completed and out for sale now, I asked about the next project for Ska Studios. James said that would be Charlie Murder, a 4 player punk rock street brawler for XBLA."

GameSetWatch: Punch Dudes 'To The Gods In Heaven' With Vlambeer's Karate
"Vlambeer, the Dutch outfit that brought you Independent Games Festival award finalist Super Crate Box and Radical Fishing, has put out a neat diversion of a game called Karate, a project the developer whipped up in less than two hours."

GameSetWatch: Builder Build Footholds and Destroy Obstacles
"Insert Credit co-founder and former GSW contributor Eric-Jon Rössel Tairne has released a fun pazzle platformer about environmental anxiety, created in Game Maker and inspired by titles like Braid and Hero Core." 8 Games Worth Playing, 2011 Edition, Part 2
"Here are four more games I've played and enjoyed in the past year since writing the previous installment. Same as before - these games aren't all brand new, but I've only gotten around to playing (or finishing) them in the past 12 months. You can check out part one for the first four games if you haven't already."

Ludum Dare: Ludum Dare 20 group session at CB2 Bistro
"Ludum Dare 20 is taking place at the end of this month, and we're having our usual LD jam at CB2 over the weekend. Ludum Dare is a major international 48 hour game jam that takes place every four months, and for the past year we've been having jams in CB2 to coincide. It takes place on the weekend of Saturday 30th."

DIYgamer: Shoot Many Robots from Demiurge Studios
"In a large area with around half a dozen demo stations and a large press booth for scheduled interviews, Demiurge Studios made it apparent it was an indie studio with experience and financing to back its dream. However, the gentlemen behind Shoot Many Robots were anything but stuffy."