Collte's Spoon Devil (Koruruto no Saju Akuma) is an arena shooter with an interesting gimmick: you control two characters at the same time, each with their own set of health meter and weapon. Both of them can get hurt, but you will only lose the round if the witch Collte loses all of her health. Collte and her pet creature (affectionately called the Spoon Devil) will regain health when they are standing close to each other, while enemies are targeted automatically with whatever weapons they currently have in hand.

Defeated enemies drop food and sweets for the player to collect from time to time. A sweet counter at the bottom of the screen displays how many points you can distribute to upgrade your weapons (hold the left shift key for Collte, left-click for the Spoon Devil), and you can drop your current weapon by holding down the secondary action button for a couple of seconds (space key for Collte, right mouse button for the devil).

The version that's available from Vector is the Japanese shareware build, and though Q Handmade Games had promised an English-translated demo it could take a while for that to materialize. The game is rather easy to learn even if you can't read a single word of Japanese, so don't let the language barrier prevent you from trying the trial version out.

Get the two-level demo for Collte's Spoon Devil from Vector or (click on the fourth blue button with three Japanese characters).