Here are a pair of new interviews with winners of the 2011 Independent Propeller Award competition, which recently ended with an awards presentation ceremony (hosted by Adam Saltsman and Meredith Molinari) and $150,000 in cash prize being given out to the up-and-coming developers. In the video above, Marco Marino and Matthew Thomas Woolven discussed how the concept for GLiD came about, their iterative development process, and the benefits of prototyping and playtesting new builds of your project. GLiD was the grand prize winning entry for the Independent Propeller Awards competition this year, and both developers are set to be awarded a publishing deal in addition to the $50,000 that they're already receiving from IndiePub as their reward.

Next up is an interview with the Happy Candy Co., the developers of the physics-based 2D platformer Chewy and Best Design category winner of the Independent Propeller Awards competition. Chris Hekman and Vladimir Bondarev talked about the difficulties of deliverinng a presentable student game, some of the inspirations for Chewy, and how they plan to make it appealing for everyone to play without sacrificing challenge.

The list of winners in each category of the competition can be found here.