Puzzle Planets is an iOS arcade game made by Runaway in collaboration with the National Geographic Channel. You play as a god-like character who must help terraform planets and aid the evolution of new species of life, going through three separate rounds of gameplay until a planet is completely formed and self-sustainable.

Your first task at the start of each level is to place tectonic plates of different shapes and sizes over the surface of a planet, covering it completely before proceeding to the next phase. The next objective involves creating volcanoes, mountains and earthquakes to shape the planet using three sets of touchscreen controls: pinching, double-tap and stretching. You then have to move a cloud over the ocean to gather water, then distribute rain over each land tile so that life can miraculously sprout out of the ground.

The gameplay varies very little between levels, and much of the challenge is focused on using rain to prevent volcanoes from erupting and covering the planet with life before time runs out (which is displayed by a clock on the upper-right hand side of the screen). There are fifteen levels to play through, with each planet taking just a couple of minutes to beat at most.

Many reviewers on the App Store have reported crashes, and though it's priced at only a dollar we'd suggest waiting for a lite version to find out if Puzzle Planets is a game you'd enjoy or not.