Phrases like 'cellular automaton' are one of the reasons I leave game design to the professionals. I don't think I could even begin to conceive the logic necessary to build something like In Profundis, a sort of simulation-game that has only recently taken root in Kickstarter.

It looks like In Profundis is going to be the love child of a variety of well-known influences. There's some Bouldar Dash, Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft and even a little bit of that 'Falling Sand' java game mixed into its genetics. As if that wasn't enough, In Profundis also draws inspiration from roguelikes.

In other words, this game is probably going to kill you repeatedly and make you love every death. I mean, what's there not to like. It's a procedurally-generated random world, filled with dangerous substances and hazards. Set in huge caverns on alien worlds, it's probably going to have the claustrophobic wriggling ever-so-slightly in their seats.

Funding for this project is going to be used for a variety of things but what makes me rather excited is the implication that it might eventually arrive on the Android and the iPhone.

Those interested in helping out can make their pledges at In Profundis's Kickstarter site. Those who just want to keep tabs on the game, thrifty people that you are, can refer to John Harris's blog here.