A tech demo for Metroid-inspired 2D platformer Minitroid is now available to download. Unlike many Nintendo fan games made by other enthusiasts, Tokinsom's effort features only the gameplay elements but none of the actual sprites from any game in the long-running series. Everything looks a lot more pixelated, but Samus's colour and actions are instantly recognizable, plus the missiles, bombs, and morphball move are there as they should be. One thing that's missing from the tech demo is a readily-accessible map which has been the mainstay of many Metroid games from the past years.

Ther'es not a lot of content to play through, but what's included should just be enough to get any Metroid fan wagging their tongue. Note that you may have to run the control configuration file first if none of the pre-assigned keys are working for you when you start the game. The F1, F2 and F3 keys can be used to switch between three window sizes as well.

The Minitroid tech demo is available to download from here, while the Construct development thread for the project is located here.