We've seen a number of browser games you can only play once - most notably You Only Live Once and One Chance. One Single Life is an iOS game that you can download for free, but once you're dead, that's it.

It's a little like an extremely short version of Canabalt, where each level presents a gap between two buildings that you need to jump over. You can give the level a practice as many times as you want, but once you've hit play for real, it's all on that jump. Land it, and you'll get to proceed to a wider, higher gap - fall, and that's it, no continues, not even if you restart the game.

It's amazing how intense it is. The sounds of the street below, the heartbeat pumping faster and faster, the signs telling you how many people died on that particular level. On level 8 I just managed to jump the gap, and my guy clung on for dear life - however, on level 9 I hit jump too late, and he fell to his doom.

Well worth a download if you've got an iToy. Grab it from the App Store [Source: Pocket Gamer]