I'm not really sure why Apple keeps accepting App submissions from Domi Games (also known as EdisonGame and Yan Zhenhua), famously known for ripping off Halfbot's The Blocks Cometh wholesale and having the nerves to sell it on the App Store as one of their own products. Now you might say that developers can't stop others from copying elements in their games, but when the tutorial levels and instructions are exactly the same as Pekka Kujansuu's Flash game then that's basically them profiting from another developer's work without any care or remorse.

Pekuja isn't happy about the whole matter of course, and he's already asked everyone not to purchase the game. Tiny Skater (right inset) has been out since April 19th, and since the original developer doesn't have a similar product for iOS devices he's having a hard time convincing Apple to remove the game from the App Store. Pekka himself isn't working on an iPhone version of Tiny Hawk, but he's expressed interest in porting it if there's demand for the game on portable devices. Until then, you can play the Flash version of Tiny Hawk here.