Today, both teachers and students from the dance school that I attend will be battling for questionably lucrative prizes in an upcoming competition. Unfortunately, being the absent-minded workaholic that I am, I won't be going. It's at times like this that I wish things like GamePipe's Dance Pad were real and that dance competitions would have a sub-category for long-distance finge-driven dexterity as well.

Wistful thinking aside, Dance Pad is an iPad rhythm-dance-game-thing that will eventually be released in the summer. Designed by USG GamePipe students, Dance Pad will have people doing the Running Man, the Moonwalk and all manner of iconic dance moves on their beloved iPad. At least, that's the idealized concept. Reality will probably have most of us flailing helplessly at colored lights upon the screen as the select few perform the Electric Boogaloo.

Those interested in learning more first-hand can check out the official website here.