According to TIGSource, Terraria Online acquired its first fifteen minutes of fame when Minecraft's Notch linked to the game on his twitter. After watching the trailer and browsing through its list of features, I can see why this has landed on a growing number of 'must-have' lists.

Terraria Online, in some ways, feels like the 2D side-scrolling cousin to Minecraft. There are deep, dank catacombs. There is digging. There is a destructible environment, crafting, numerous enemies to lay siege on you. There is, inevitably, going to be a lot of sandbox-y fun. But that's not where the fun stops. On top of all that, there's more. A lot more.To give you an idea as to what to anticipate, it looks like Terraria Online will have rocket boots and characters like merchants that will move in once accommodations have reached their standards. In the future, up to 255 players might be supported simultaneously and given that the game features PVP, I can only imagine the chaos.

It only has epic boss fights with carnivorous eyeballs, enormous skeletons and swarms of little green men intent on breaking down your fortifications.

For more information, here's a link to their forums, a link to their website and their facebook for good measure.