The indie game scene is, for the most part, all about the people, the ideas and breaking the mold. From what I hear, it's also about the ramen and the sleepless night but this isn't the time and place for that. More than anything, however, I love hearing about game development from obscure corners of the world.

I had been taking a break from my review writing when I came across mention of The Light of the Darkness on the Indiegamer forums. A side-scrolling action-RPG that is being developed in Brazil, the Light of the Darkness boasts some pretty impressive production values so far. According to the post, the team had utilized four different type of animation techniques to deliver the content being premiered on their trailer.

In development for over a year and a half, the Light in the Darkness apparently has a demo that was created entirely in Flash and has received significant exposure since then. What got to me about the story, however, was the brutally frank tone that the poster used in reference to both the game development scene in Brazil as well as the problems that the team is facing in regards to delivering a finished commercial project.

Right now, it seems like the people behind The Light in the Darkness are looking for guidance and advice in regards to the kind of engines they could use and how best to proceed. Further details can be found on the Indiegamer forum itself over here and I encourage those capable of delivering constructive criticism to drop a note there.