Here goes with the Android picks then! I do like my mobile puzzle games, and Hextacy kept me going for a good hour before I decided it was probably time to go to sleep. The idea is to make matches of 3 or more adjacent hexagons of the same colour.

When you make a match, all the hexagons above will fall down into the space. However, when you can't make a match anymore, all the current pieces in the grid become blacked out, and more pieces fall on top. You can then only match the new pieces together.

Now here comes the big twist - once you've exhausted the latest pieces, those pieces black out, and the pieces from the first round come back to life again, plus new pieces fall on top. Pieces will continue to alternate between blacked out and active with each new level. If you manage to completely fill the grid with no active matches possible, it's all over.

The Lite version comes with just the Normal mode to play through, while the full version also has Hardcore and Pure, plus online highscore boards. The game is currently half price, at just $0.99/€0.75/£0.68. Jump below the cut to find QR codes that you can scan with your Android device to get straight to the Marketplace page. It's the futuuuuure!