Loooving this one, so much so that a rather late night was had. Tales of Pocoro is a puzzle game that is seemingly set in an RPG-styled world, giving it a really nice atmosphere.

It's essentially a simple idea that has been done numerous times before, yet the setting makes it feel so fresh. On each level, you need to reach the end portal, but must first destroy all the platforms in the water by stepping on them. Grey platforms disappear after one step, while blue are destroyed after two, green three, and so on. Then there are special platforms that bounce you, blow you over gaps, and other such ideas.

There's nothing particularly difficult about it, but it's strangely addictive, with easy swiping used to move your character. The amount of detail surrounding each level is pretty amazing, considering that levels can last just 10-15 seconds at times.

There's a demo available if you'd like to check it out for free, and the full game can also be found on the Android Marketplace.