Can there ever be too much steampunk? I suppose I'd eventually get sick of it when we have iOS titles that allow you to grow a crop of clockwork-powered androids but until then, things like 1899 Steam & Spirit will still make my heart flutter. What really impresses me about this little adventure game, however, is the fact that it was constructed entirely in javascript and HTML.

It seems that 1899 Steam & Spirit is set sometime in the late Victorian Ages and will feature an espionage war between the French and British empires. Historical celebrities like Winston Churchill (who serves as the first character you control), the Wright Brothers and Guglielmo Marconi will make an appearance during the adventure as well. Based on what I've seen so far, I know submarines are valid modes of transportation in the game but I can't tell how far they've taken the steampunk theme otherwise as I'm still stuck in the character's room, feeling rather like an idiot.

1899 Steam & Spirit will apparently consist of multiple episodes. The first has already been completed and is free-to-play. Assuming you like such retro-flavored things, 1899 Steam & Spirit is also lovely to behold. It reminds me somewhat of Swords & Sworcery but that isn't exactly a bad thing.

Moloc Lab has the game up on IndieGoGo right now and they're requesting $5000 worth of funding in order to expand the game's framework, publish new episodes, porting to mobile devices and most importantly, remain free. If you're inclined towards helping them out, you might want to check out their IndieGoGo page right here.

As for everyone else, the first episode can be found here.