Adventure games have always been my biggest weakness. However, as much as I enjoy the tribulations that things like the Dream Machine and TechnoBabylon put me through, there's a special place in my heart for text adventures. I grew up on those. Zork. The early Sierra games; You know, things like that. Though the advent of visuals meant greater variety in games, I still dabbled in text adventures and it's interesting to see how diverse they've become.

Alone in the Park is surprisingly entertaining and somewhat surreal. When a letter arrives in the protagonist's hands, commenting on his need to escape video games, it immediately feels like someone had walked up to my own doorstep. Our nameless hero is told to go on a scavenger hunt in a local park and does so immediately, never questioning the possible issues of listening to an unknown 'stalker'. From there, Alone in the Park leads you through a dream-like enviroment, told with pictures and fairly well-written prose.

It's also rather snarky. when you encounter a man climbing a rather steep cliff for the first time, the narrator is quick to comment that the rock wall was 'definitely not for climbing, except by people of low intelligence'.

I'm still playing through the game but it seems to be going well so far. Those interested might want to take a look at Alone in the Park over here as well.