When the press release for 'Is it Time?' arrived in my inbox earlier today, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Billed as a 'depressing art game about old age and loneliness', 'Is it Time?' has all the trappings of your standard art game: pixel graphics, minimal controls and a heavy message.

According to creator Jaime Fraina, 'Is it Time?' was developed based on his grandmother and will have you playing as an old woman on the verge of death. I'm going to be upfront here and state that this is probably not going to be for everyone. 'Is it Time?' feels less like an actual game and more like an interactive statement; anyone expecting slick mechanics will definitely be in for a disappointment.

For everyone else, it might have you pondering the same things I did. When was the last time you allocated more than a moment for your parents? As we scramble through the rat race, we often end up neglecting our family, something that 'Is it Time?' tries to make amply clear. As the protagonist, you'll spend most of your time trying to maintain your hunger, fatigue and boredom levels and meandering from your house to the world outside. As the days pass, this will grow progressively more difficult; sight and sanity eventually become major issues.

'Is it Time?' makes me wish a few thousand miles worth of ocean wasn't separating me from certain estranged members of my family. What about you? Does it make you think 'Sim Grandmother' or make you want to hug someone important?

Go here to play 'Is it Time?'.