Nobuyuki Forces 4 is the fourth game in the rails shooter series from Takahiro Miyazawa, who is also known for founding SKT Products and creating a number of Moai statue-filled games for publication on his site. The shoot and cover system is very similar to the Virtua Cop and (especially) Time Crisis games, where pressing the space key causes our female protagonist to duck out and pop a few shots at her enemies. You will also reload your gun if the same button is pressed when your back is next to a wall.

There are four stages to play through and three boss fights to contend with, and though that sounds like plenty of content it really just takes about fifteen minutes to beat Nobuyuki Forces 4 on your first try. A time attack mode is also included, but many players won't really feel like replaying the same areas at a harder difficulty once they've seen most of what the game has to offer.

Despite its length, NF4 is still one of the better Flash-based rails shooter that you could waste your time on. To play, just head on over to Kongregate.