In Samegame Fighter you play as a hero who must defeat ten types of enemies in melee combat, trading blows with one another until either you or your opponent run out of hit points to lose. Similar to Dungeon Raid, you have to match two or more items of the same kind in order to receive their bonuses or attack your opponent. Players have a limited number of moves to kill their enemy though, since items are not replenished until someone wins the battle or when you decide to give up and surrender.

Collecting green potions restore your health, and picking up blue shields add to your armor (which is able to withstand up to three hits from the enemy before breaking). If you pick up another set of shield before your current one is used up, then the new shield will take the place of the old one. The purple fireball is sort of a joker tile - grab a few before you pick up a shield, potion or weapon and their value will be added to your next item for extra effect. Collecting two sets of fireballs in a row will nullify the effect of the previous set, so it's vital that you acquire them only when you need a slight boost of bonus from your pick ups.

The method for attacking your enemy is similar to building up your defense, with just one or two minor differences. Match a few swords or axes, and their total will be subtracted from your enemy after taking their armor value into account. If the strength of your attack is lower than their armor value, then the enemy will take no damage from your strike. You can also use the fireballs to boost your attack strength, but don't spend it all on the offensive because you may need the extra armor or health in combat later on.

Some enemies will only attack once for every two or three of your strikes (indicated by the green timer at the top right corner of the window), and a few are even able to inflict damage without taking your armor into account (you receive full damage regardless of whether you're wearing armor or not). These enemies are easy to spot: their attack value will show up as zero, but they hit just as hard as anyone else when it's their turn to retaliate.

Samegame Fighter can be played over at Hojamaka's site.