(Photo by Paul Hillier)

Frankly, this is just far too adorable for words. The images, the voice acting, the puzzles, the conceptual brilliance. Grown-ups would have problems coming up with something as unreasonably cute as this. Did I say grown-ups? Yes, yes I did. And, you know, that's because one half of the creative duo responsible for crafting Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure is 5 years old. (Yes, the one in the photo.)

What is even more diabetes-inducing is, perhaps, the story behind the game itself. I won't spoil how this came out of the recent TOJam (a three-day Toronto independent game jam) but I will point you at the link to the blog chronicling the events that led up to this.

Click here to see what goes on in the mind of the child. It's aww-some.