Although side-scrolling 'tower defense'-esque games have been appearing in droves lately, it doesn't make zOMT any less impressive. Billed as a mash-up of Lemmings with Tower Defense and a sprinkling of Pocket God for good measure, zOMT features rather distinctive artwork and an odd resemblance to the Patapon universe.

The game isn't particularly long; it only consists of fifteen levels. However, zOMT doesn't really hold back either. A careless mistake or two can make even the initial stages a surprising failure. For the most part, gameplay mechanics will feel rather familiar. The twist here, perhaps, is how the environment is already utilized as part of divine warfare. Need to buy time? Easy. Grow a forest of trees to trap the invading horde and position a lightning cloud above them. Flying projectiles? Have a cloud bounce them back at the unfortunate fools.

Created by the same people responsible for High Tea, I'm impressed still with the amount of polish that goes into their work. Then again, I could also be biased towards anything that allows my monomaniacal side to run unsupervised.

Go here to play zOMT.