Concurrence is a Flashback-style 2D platformer created by mode7 for submission to the Monthly AGS competition (a friendly game development jam that involves making adventure games using AGS in under four weeks). You're an astronaut who is stranded on an alien planet with no memory of what has happened, and the only way to get answers to all of the questions in his head is to move forward and explore his surroundings further.

Since Concurrence is largely a tribute to classics like Prince of Persia and (especially) Another World, younger players may find the controls a bit stiff and perhaps unresponsive at times. Our advice is to peruse the manual first for instructions on how to play - you'll find it in the form of a fully-illustrated PDF file inside the .rar package download. Also note that the MAGS build is just a demo, so there are quite a few bugs to be found in later areas. Alex is currently developing a full game based on this competition version, although don't expect it to be out any sooner than late 2011.

If your interest is piqued, then you can download the Concurrence demo from this page.