Irukandji 2 is an upcoming sequel to Charlie's original squid-blaster. The shmup developer is still hard at work on Scoregasm, but has been putting this game together as a little side project.

This demo features just a single level, but gives a great idea of what the final game will be like. You can control your squid with the mouse, and firing is automatic. There's a system in place whereby getting hit will use one of your bombs instead of killing you - unless you've run out of bombs, of course.

There's also this interesting 'bullet scraping' idea in place, where sliding close to an enemy bullet will bag you bonus points. Also, if you use a bomb, it will destroy all the enemies and bullets on the screen, giving you points for every single one. Hence, you want to use bombs when the screen is packed.

The game isn't going to be available until after Scoregasm is finished, so for now you'll have to be content with this demo. Make sure to change the resolution in the appropriate txt file! Of course, you can still check out the original game too.