King of the Streets is a versus fighting game heavily inspired by the early Mortal Kombat games, featuring original characters and backgrounds modelled using Maya and animated with 3ds Max. There are eight fighters that you can choose to play with in either the Story or Versus mode, and each of them has a variety of normal and special moves that can be executed using a combination of four attack buttons. In addition to the standard punches and kicks, you can also block against your opponent's attacks or throw them with a special grapple button.

A moves list is included in a text file that comes with the game, and you can also access it at any time while playing just by pressing the F1 key. Hard-hitting combos will cause 'whoopsie' moments, and players are allowed a small window of opportunity at the end of each match to execute a special 'fatality' move as well.

It won't replace your favourite fighting game anytime soon, but King of the Streets is still a largely impressive effort for an amateur Game Maker project made during the development team's spare time. Mirrors for this freeware download are available from here, and we suggest getting the full version that comes with the music files - it'll save you the hassle of downloading them separately and figuring out what goes where later.