Youdunnit is probably the game that converted me to the whole indie scene which is, really, all kinds of silly because it's also one of those games that I've never been able to get. Created by Day, Luck, Fraser and Joubert, Youdunnit had apparently been a submission for one of the many Global Gam Jams.

The story is very, very clever and reflective of its title. There has been a murder. People want to know who commited the murder. You, of course, know, seeing as how you're the nefarious criminal himself. What follows is an insanely difficult puzzle, one that will tweak the brains of even the most stalwart. You will have to play through a number of levels, each representing an hour that had past. Needless to say, it gets complicated. Who did you talk to two hours ago? Do you remember? Every action matters. If there aren't any incongruities in your story, that would be it for you.

Fiendishly complicated but wonderfully so, those interested in checking it out can download it here.