Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Mechanically Separated Meat: Drumcircle
"Drumcircle is a radial drum machine: you place tiles corresponding to notes or drum samples, and they play as the clock hand sweeps past them. An internet-play mode lets you collaborate on drum patterns online with other users of the program."

QCF Design: Desktop Dungeons will be at E3
"We should be ready to start taking pre-orders for Desktop Dungeons on PC and Mac in the next couple of weeks. The Desktop Dungeons beta will be available soon afterward to pre-order customers."

indiePub Games: IndieCade's E3 2011 indie game lineup
"IndieCade has announced the games that will be on display in its Indie Game Showcase at E3 2011. The list was sent to E3 media by IndieCade and includes 16 showcase games and two attendee participation games that are moderated by IndieCade each year."

Gamasutra: Pulse's Cipher Prime On The Future Of Mobile Music Games
"In this Q&A, Cipher Prime's William Stallwood and Dain Saint together offer insight on the making of Pulse, the challenges of developing for Unity for the first time, and just how badly they want Harmonix to update Frequency."

(Text) Games for (Space) Crows: Love, Hate and the Mysterious Ocean Tower
"Originally written in a week, this interactive vignette whisks you through a world where terrible powers and inhuman foes threaten the very existence of humanity."

Frictional Games: Justine Now Available to Everyone
"On April 18 Frictional Games joined Valve to celebrate the release of Portal 2. Frictional Games' main contribution was a DLC called Justine. We are happy to announce that we are giving the DLC away to all owners of Amnesia for free."

Gnome's Lair: Arcen Games - The Interview
"Arcen Games, the studio that has already given us the impressively deep AI War RTS, the unique action-puzzler Tidalis and will soon release A Valley Without Wind, encompasses the true spirit of indie gaming and isn't afraid to focus on the PC. What follows is an interview that will hopefully shed light on the going-ons inside this brilliant indie studio."

Dev.Mag: How are puzzle games designed
"Dave Hall is one of the founders of Toxic Games, the studio that created the compelling first-person 3D platform puzzler Q.U.B.E. As part of our series of puzzle designer interviews, we asked Hall about the methods he used to design Q.U.B.E.'s puzzles."

Destructoid: Achron launch trailer
"For those of you who may not be familiar with the title, Achron presents real-time strategy with a bit of a twist. Rather than only functioning in real-time, it introduces the element of free-form time travel, effectively making it the first meta-time strategy game ever developed."