Dwarfs?! by Power of Two is a whole lot of waiting around. And digging. And firing hapless minions from cannons. And steaming, searing lava pits. But mostly, Dwarfs?! is a lot of waiting around.

A friend of mine likened it to monitoring an ant farm except with an occasional ant lion to squash. It's largely an accurate description once you've taken into account the fact that the metaphorical ants here have been pickled in alcohol, charge by the hour and have little in way of common sense.

Published by Tripwire Interactive, Dwarfs?!, as it has been described before, is less Dwarfcraft than it is Lemmings with pick-axes. Everything in the game costs money, including the very act of acquiring money. As it stands, there are two kinds of vertically-challenged subordinates at your disposal. The warrior dwarfs serve a self-explanatory function; they're there to beat down on the hellish things that occasionally get unleashed.

The diggers are, well, self-explanatory as well. Once set upon the world, these fellows will meander through the subterranean levels of the game in a slightly random fashion. You can choose to provide them direction but it's something that will come at exorbitant costs. As such, it's easier (and cheaper!) to wait for them to wander close enough to where you want them to go before nudging them along.

Of course, this can sometimes end in tears or extensive amounts of arachnids. Dwarfs?! is filled with dark, ominous caves that can hold anything from boundless amount of treasures to gravid Spider Queens. You won't know till one of your dwarfs investigates and you find yourself either celebrating or indulging in rampant damage control. Granted, it isn't really hard to keep a grip on the possible disasters that might occur; all it normally takes is a stick of dynamite or a volley of warriors.

However, the problem is that too much of it can happen at the same time. While you work on walling in a pool of magma, your dwarfs will still be busy digging somewhere else. Seeing how gold can be a limited commodity, priorities will inevitably come into question. Do you buy a new platoon of warriors first or do you wall in that lake? Can you spare that extra five minutes or should you engage that boss instantly? Decisions, decisions.

A casual game at heart, Dwarfs?! does not come packaged with impressive visuals or state-of-the-art combat mechanics but it does come with a large order of entertainment value. There are numerous challenges that the players can take a stab at, a sandbox mode to work with, an arcade mode which, really, is a gigantic map meant for idle explorations and more. Game play isn't deep and does not try to be. Dwarfs level up once certain criteria have been met but it doesn't seem to do anything asides from increase damage or digging speed. Buildings are limited to just the Outpost and the Town Hall. But does that matter? Is it a problem? No, not at all. Dwarfs?! is pocket-sized fun for the whole family, the creation of two people and at only 10 bucks right now, not bad at all.

If you're unconvinced, you might want to check out the demo. For everyone else, here's the official website.