El Eternuata is an upcoming adventure game from Argentina that is apparently based on a comic created by Hector Oesterheld German and artist Francisco Solano Lopez. According to what I scrounged up on the Internet, it appears that the story takes place in 1957 Buenos Aires. The world had been blanketed by a deadly snowfall, one that successfully extinguished most life on the planet. (Editor's note: Thank you for the catch, Anon!) Juan Salvo, along with his friends, survived thanks to the ingenuity of a character named Favalli and the protective layers of the lead character's house. I'm still not really sure how it works but it looks like there's going to be aliens. Lots of them.

The art style is rather unusual, the premise (which I successfully spoiled for myself) rather interesting. We'll definitely be keeping tabs on this. Those interested in doing so as well can check out the game's tumblr here.