A mix of RTS elements, Minecraft and that old SNES classic King Arthur's World, King Arthur's Gold is a somewhat intriguing little offering that doesn't remind me at all of a recently released game except with PvP elements. Granted, there's absolutely nothing wrong about the resemblance. It seems that there are three classes to choose from: the knight, the builder and the archer.

All three roles have fairly obvious functions. The knight's a melee combatant but he has the ability to point his shield upwards in order to turn himself into a conventional step ladder. The builder creates buildings and conducts mining expeditions. As for the archer, well, he just shoots things.

The objective of the game is simple: have more gold than your opponents. Obviously, this involves some petty theft and mining but it seems like you can also loot bodies for it.

Free to play though I'm not sure how much longer it's going to stay that way, you can download King Arthur's Gold from here.

Source: TIGSource