Late last year, as part of my IGF judging I played a student game called Paradox Shift. I remember thinking at the time that there was something about it that was stupidly exciting, although it was still rather early in development.

Since then, the University of Southern California team has pushed on, and now has something that is looking mind-blowing. Here's the idea: You have a gun which can move you forward and backwards through time by a set amount. This allows you to past obstacles that aren't present in different timezones, and even mess around in the past to affect what you see in the future.

You can also bring certain things with you, as long as you tag them. A light on the gun shows whether you can shift time (dependent on whether you're going to appear in solid ground or not), and the action gets pretty tense as you shift rapidly between times to dodge incoming obstacles.

There's an official site up that you can check out. No word on a release date yet, but hopefully I can spend some more time with the game soon and deliver thoughts.