From the depths of the ocean in a steampunk universe, we move to the final frontiers of space. Starfarer, according to the developers, is a single-player style space role-playing game with strategic elements. To use the analogy that Fractal Softworks had created, Starfarer is a slice of Star Control, mixed with cubed Master of Orion 2 and flavored with a dash of MechWarrior.

Seriously, the only thing that would make this even more appealing is the ability to disembark, build up a retinue of allies and engage in long, laborious yet epic quests on some distant planet.

I haven't had the opportunity to test it out just yet but Starfarer definitely looks promising. Currently in alpha, Starfarer is priced at $9.99. However, once released, the game is going to cost approximately $19.99 barring unfortunate circumstances. Those interested in picking up a little retro-inspired slice of space should probably do so now. As an added bonus, the game is available not only on the PC but also Mac and Linux.

The official site can be found here.