More often than not, I'm usually ambivalent about social games. There's something about them that doesn't quite agree with me. It could be my general distrust of Facebook. It could be the rampant amount of microtransactions. I don't know. Consequently, it's probably why I found myself surprised to be rather thrilled at Little Cave Hero.

Made by Atakama Labs, Little Cave Hero is a surprisingly charming little 8-bit adventure. Filled with silly, snarky humor and an abundance of things to do, the game will have players milling from generic cave to generic cave in an attempt to satisfy a crochety old man's requests. when not otherwise at his beck and call, you'll be busy rebuilding a town, fufilling quests and various other things.

If the idea of Facebook games doesn't immediately have you recoiling in horror, you may want to check the game here.