There's something oddly sinister (albeit hilarious) about Mosquito & Cow. In this point-and-click puzzle/adventure, you play as the titular blood-sucker. Your goals in life, obviously enough, are pretty simple. In fact, you only have one objective: drink blood. Of course, being a small insect in a big world, this is easier said than done. The placid-looking bovines that populate Mosquito & Cow are somewhat sensitive to your presence and deeply disinclined towards sharing their blood. Personally, I don't blame them. However, mosquitos still have to eat or, well, drink, as the case may be. As a result, you'll find yourself doing everything from waiting for your victim to fall asleep to orchestrating reasonably elaborate traps.

I found myself snickering at Mosquito & Cow a fair bit. With its surreal-looking artwork and slightly peculiar music, Mosquito & Cow might not be for everyone but if you enjoy a pinch of dark humor in your adventure, you'll definitely want to wile away twenty minutes here.

Mosquito & Cow can be played here.