Having provided the ravenous undead with so much love recently, I thought it'd only be appropriate to lavish some amount of attention on their better loved cousins: the vampires. I mean, asides from their overwhelming thirst of blood, there's a lot to like about them. They're generally well-dressed, well-mannered and have impeccable dental hygiene. Vampires also look spectacular in old-fashioned waistcoats, capes and bionic appendages.

At least, that's what the Draculator II would like us to believe. Corporal Merrick was a man with a mission. Shore leave had granted him the opportunity to become better acquainted with a pair of vampire twins. Unfortunately, it seems that never came to be. Instead, he found himself being imprisoned by a mad scientist and remade into a cybernetic weapon. Naturally, Corporal Merrick didn't particularly enjoy the idea of being forever subservient to a crazy old man. As the player, your job obviously will be to lead Merrick to safety.

Silly premise aside, what makes the Draculator II so interesting is the fact that this is the collaborative experiment of approximately 60 AGSers. The rule in the beginning was that collaborators could only spend an hour each on the project. As interest grew, it was modified; an hour's worth of commitment was the bare minimum required but contributors were allowed to work further if they so desired.

As of the moment, it seems that Draculator II is somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 done. Those interested in taking a look at the Swarm's work-in-progress should drop in on the forum thread here. It looks like they're open to more assistance too so this may be an ideal opportunity to network and refine your skills under talented supervision.