Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

RGCD: Super Puzzle Platformer
"Described elsewhere on the net as Mr. Driller in reverse, Super Puzzle Platformer is all about blasting blocks, collecting points and avoiding untimely death by falling on sharp spikes below or being crushed from above. Your goal is to simply help the gun-toting, cape-wearing Mr. Serious survive as long as possible in the face of impossible odds."

Padinga: The Best of PSN and XBLA
"The Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network online games have been fundamental in letting rookie game studios stretch their creative legs the last few years. In a time where blockbuster games cost millions to craft, and can only be birthed of established franchises, this is where the weird, wonderful, eccentric games come to thrive."

Lost Garden: Realm of the Mad God Released
"A little over a year ago, Alex Carobus and Rob Shillingsburg from WildShadow created a prototype of a re-imagined MMO for the TIGSource Assemblee game jam. David and I started working with them a few months later through Spry Fox, helping flesh out with the monetization, interface and cooperative mechanics. Today, after a huge amount of work by a truly talented team, we are officially launching on the Chrome Web Store."

GameSetWatch: Platformance Sequel Brings Many More Deaths to XBLIG
"The Xbox Live Indie Games platformer Platformance: Castle Pain may not have been a particularly lengthy game, but it more than made up for it with the sheer amount of deaths players racked up throughout the brief adventure. The sequel, Platformance: Temple Death, hit XBLIG yesterday, and it easily exceeds the standard for difficulty set by its predecessor."

PlayStation Blog: PixelJunk sidescroller Brings Particles Galore to PSN
"I'm back in Kyoto after a rip-roaring time at E3 where we revealed PixelJunk sidescroller, a title no one was expecting and took a lot of people by surprise. When we were wrapping up PixelJunk Shooter 2 a number of us here at Q-Games felt an undeniable urge to create a homage to the old school side-scrolling shooters that we grew up with."

Blistered Thumbs: Retro City Rampage Interview and Hands-On
"Retro City Rampage is a labor of love in the truest sense of the term: a game packed full of personally meaningful content, that is receiving additions, tweaks, and fine tuning well into the eleventh hour. And since it just so happens that Brian Provinciano is a retro gamer's gamer, with a love of all things gaming, the end result is predictably shaping up to be a worthy ode to the industry we all know and love."

MTV Multiplayer: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is like Metroid
"I knew nothing about Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet when I stepped up to the demo station and slapped the headphones on during Microsoft's E3 showcase last week. I had a rare moment in this industry where I was experiencing a game entirely without preface. It was one of the best experiences I had during E3 2011."

PlayStation Blog: The Indescribable PixelJunk lifelike
"Here we have the interview in which Baiyon does a live performance of his new collaborative title with Q Games: PixelJunk lifelike. It's nearly impossible to explain what it is, so Baiyon and Dylan decided to show us what PixelJunk lifelike is all about."