Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Desktop Dungeons: E3 for everyone
"After throwing out some magnificently expensive and incredibly impractical ideas, we decided to simply let you all play the same demo that we'll be showing at E3. It'll only be available for the 3 days of the Expo, so make sure you get to try it while it's up."

RGCD: Super Bat Puncher Demo
"Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are sitting comfortably because this is a game that demands your attention. It may only be a demo of a work-in-progress project, but even so, Morphcat's Super Bat Puncher is still one of the best retro titles I've played for a long, long time."

The Bottom Feeder: Seven Tips For Giving Good Tech Support
"When you try to start a business selling indie games (or any software product, really), writing and releasing the game is only half the battle. You then have to market and support it."

GameSetWatch: Dino Run SE, Super Space Rubbish Mega Bundle For $5
"Pixeljam's excellent Dino Run SE and Super Space Rubbish games were already dirt cheap, but now you can grab both PC/Mac/Linux titles, plus both of their full soundtracks composed by Mark DeNardo and Datassette, for just $5."

Gamasutra: Silver Dollar Games Defend Xbox Live Indie Games
"Silver Dollar Games has been called the scourges of XNA. Here's the full story behind the developer that has brought so much controversy to the Xbox Live Indie Games platform."

Quote Unquote: Interview with Paul Greasley
"Paul Greasley's personal projects have consistently been thrust into the spotlight, due to placing and winning competitions with My First Skydiving Academy, Edmund and Under the Garden. You might assume that a game developer with this much talent would be hitting home runs with his commercial projects, but it's easy to make false assumptions."

Dev.Mag: How Are Puzzle Games Designed
"Over the last month or so, Dev.Mag has published five interviews with indie developers discussing puzzle game design. In case you have missed the series, here are links to the articles."

rgbFilter: Miguel Sternberg interview (video)
"While at TCAF this year, we spent a few minutes talking with Miguel Sternberg of Spooky Squid about the latest Torontron arcade cabinet, the High Roller. Also on hand was a playable version of his latest game They Bleed Pixels, a fast-paced, gothic, low-fi pixel art, platforming beat-'em-up that will be coming out soon on Xbox Live Indies."

Against All Expectations: Episode 3 (audio)
"We interview Alistair Aitcheson of Greedy Bankers fame about developing for iOS, is Objective-C as horrible as people say, and Just what is the thing that stops people from making games."

Garry's Blog: The Story of Snabbo
"We decided to test out the mobile market a while back, and find out what would happen if you launch an iOS game with no marketing. This is what we learned: It's not that easy to get rich from the App Store."

metablog: The plan
"We are still on track to get the new version of N done this year, and will be ramping up progress as soon as the office is complete and we can get back to work. We really appreciate your enthusiasm for N, and we hope this will be the definitive version."