I've wanted to give Hard Lines a go for a few weeks now, but the agony of owning a simple first generation iPod touch with inadequate firmware was denying me the chance. Fortunately, the lovely people at Spilt Milk Studios heard my cries of pain from afar, and released an update that was compatible with my age-old device. Not that I can be bribed into writing about your game, but it's nice to see a developer going beyond the call of duty like that.

Imagine if, after all that, the game had turned out to be rubbish! Thank the heavens above, then, that Hard Lines is pretty much essential iPhone-ware. Over six separate game modes, you're thrown into a Snake/Tron lightcycles world of glowing neon lights and coloured lines who sporadically shout cute catchphrases about life and death.

Each game mode is different enough from the others that it offers a completely different experience. You've got your classic Snake, as well as the Tron-like survival mode. Then there's Time Attack for scoring as much as possible in a short space of time, the mental and tense Gauntlet, and a mode that focuses on killing other players called Pinata.

What's really noticeable about the game is the level of polish, as each different game mode smoothly rolls between the main menus and the next play. You've also got OpenFeint scoreboards, which I will no doubt be tried to climb over the course of the next few weeks (aka months). $1.99/£1.19 will bag you the game from the App Store.