Is there anything more exciting than a new Kairosoft game release? Probably, but it's definitely got to be up there with the best things in life. Pocket Academy is the first Kairosoft English release not to feature the word 'Story' on the end, which is interesting, as it's also the first English release from the developer which feels rather different from its other games.

You are the principal at a school, and you must build facilities, hire teachers and attract students, while competing with all the other schools in the area. While the interface feels familiar and there are plenty of stats to level up as per usual - it's pretty similar to Hot Springs Story - there's a very distinct and different feel to this one. It's a little more confusing to start with, as it doesn't feel like there is as much direction. It also feels a little slower, with weeks passing where you simply stare at the screen and watch things happen.

That doesn't make it any less addictive - Kairosoft has, as always, nailed that 'just one more hour' feel, so prepare to lose many more hours to it. Pocket Academy is available from the App Store for £2.39 / $3.99.

Oh, and while you're at it, the original Game Dev Story (still the best one) has had its price slashed for a short time - grab it now for £1.19 / $1.99.