neptune gasoline.jpg
The next game from The Oil Blue developer Vertigo Games has been unveiled and, although details are still thin on the ground, I'm willing to bet that it's one to watch out for.

You are an outside consultant for Neptune Gasoline, a fuel and convenience company that has a string of shops on Neptune. Unfortunately, a huge expressway has been built around the planet, meaning that not as many customers fly past the company doors. That's why you've been called in - to help Neptune Gasoline get back on its feet and bring back the punters.

The game is a sim management style ordeal, as you build new shops and gas pumps, improve customer relations, run promotions and general try to increase the company profits. Right now there are but a few simply pieces of concept art to take a gander at, and not much in the way of game details, but we shall of course keep you informed about any upcoming details. Check out the official blog post on the Vertigo Games site for all the details.