Yeah, I have been a little late with posting about this! A Unity-based version of the IGF 2011 Excellence in Design category winner is now available for pre-ordering, coinciding with the launch of a new website and the release of an updated build of the freeware game. If you've been seriously addicted to Desktop Dungeons over the last year or so, then pre-ordering is the best way to get privileged access to the closed beta which is due to start very soon.

New graphics, an updated dungeon generation code, reworked glyphs and gods, kingdoms(!) and inventories, plus much, much more awaits in the full version of Desktop Dungeons. Pre-ordering now at $10 will save you $5 off the launch price, or you can get the special edition at $20 which comes with a special building for your kingdom, more quests, plus a unique character class.

Look for the full version of Desktop Dungeons to arrive on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android sometime in the coming months. The freeware version will still be available to download for free indefinitely, should you have some reason for not wanting to play an upgraded build of the best (or at least, one of the best) puzzle-based roguelike system designed in years.