Bloody 'ell Mak, where have you been? Developing a musical platformer for Sony's new portable console, that's what. In the video above the developer of Everyday Shooter walks us through his latest project (called Sound Shapes), explaining how a platformer level is generated procedurally based on the musical composition that you write. Clever!

According to Mak, you control a 'blue ball' that will stick and roll on just about any surface. There's a button that you can press to jump, and holding the square button causes the ball to release its grip and move at a faster speed across the landscape. The objective of the game is basically to collect as many dots as you can while avoiding the traps and enemies, all the while chilling to the unique soundtrack that will morph and change depending on what kinds of events are happening on screen.

Mak mentions that the game will come with pre-loaded levels to play with, and you can even share your own musical creations and platformer challenges on a cloud system with other friends as well. A follow-up video about the creation of Sound Shapes can be found in the extended, as Mak talks to Dean Takahashi of Venture Beat about what he's been up to in the past four years since the release of Everyday Shooter.