Remember Confetti Carnival? If you've watched the videos and read the previews, you'll know that it's one to watch out for, with its physics-based paint-splattery. But now, you need to erase that name from your memory, and replace it with a different one. SpikySnail Games has changed the name to the more straight-forward Splatters.

It definitely describes the game well, but it seems highly risky to change it at this point, given how much attention the game has received under the Confetti Carnival name. Sagi Koren, one of the SpikySnail co-founders, told us that Confetti Carnival was only ever meant to be a placeholder, until they'd decided on the final name.

It's not just a new name, however - the game is also equipped with enhanced visuals and sounds from what you've seen in the past, as well as an overhauled tutorial system, that is set to teach players the ropes in a more entertaining manner, rather than simply throwing each idea at you one by one and hoping they all stick.

As for the gameplay, it's still as fun and sandbox-like as it ever was. For those not in the know, you are tasked with firing paintballs around each level, and making sure the paint splats and drips to cover bombs that are dotted around the place. You can make life easier (and score more points) by performing stunts, such as rewinding movement to cover more ground, and zooming into hard-to-reach spots using airstrike tactics.

How you complete each level is entirely up to you, although there are usually obvious areas set up that are begging for you to swoop around them. Spikes can be used to burst paint balls instantly and send the paint flying all over the place, while slides provide some seriously stylish level design and keep a huge grin on your face.

The team apparently has some big news regarding platforms and the like coming up in the next month or so, and we shall of course keep you informed on anything we hear.