Mark this one down as an 'umm what?'. Robert Pelloni, the man behind the Duke Nukem Forever of indie games, Bob's Game, revealed earlier this year that he was making an indie gaming handheld system. Of course, most people decided it was all a big joke, and a publicity stunt for his game. The above trailer has now been released, and suddenly I don't know what to think anymore.

The proposed nD console will cost $19.99, and come with a copy of Bob's Game pre-loaded onto it. Apparently it will be come with an online app store that can be accessed on your computer, and the handheld will then plug into your computer via USB, and be able to download games straight onto it. It's also going to be open to any indies who wish to develop for it.

My initial reaction was that it's still clearly a hoax, but then I started to delve deeper into it, reading through the forums, the various posts Robert has made, and looking around the site he's built for it. It nearly seems real, then you read lines like "the nD plugs into a PC as a controller (with a screen, *cough cough*) to interact with our massively multiplayer tournament world."

What do we reckon then - is this going to be an actual product, or is it just yet another stunt to get people focusing on his tired old game?